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These 7 Communication Tips Will Help You Become A Better Conversationalist If you happen to have difficulty holding a good conversation or if you just want to be a better conversationalist, today is your lucky day since this article will give you tips on how to communicate with other people nicely and effectively. Communication Tip Number 1: It is better if you listen more and talk less during a conversation. Good communication concerns a two-way approach. In other words, in a conversation while the other person is speaking the other one listens to him or her, and then vice versa. Failing to know the speaker’s interests, ideas and even likes would be the result if the listener will interrupt the one who is speaking and this action is also impolite.
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Communication Tip Number 2: As much as you listen to a speaker’s words, you should also pay attention to his or her non-verbal cues.
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When you look into their eyes, pay attention to the tone of their voice and keep track of their body language, you succeed in reading their non-verbal cues which will lead you to improve your conversational skills. One of the most important body language action you could do during a conversation, both as a speaker and as a listener, is making eye contact. When you look into a speaker or listener’s eyes, it indicates that your full attention is on him or her. However, making eye contact does not mean that you could stare. Communication Tip Number 3: Clarity is necessary. When talking to someone, it is best if you make sure that the topic of your conversation is clear. Moreover, you should use appropriate words. Using words that might cause double meanings must also be avoided as possible as you can. If you want to speak with confidence and with clarity, the best thing you should do is to prepare properly before you speak with anybody. Communication Tip Number 4: You must always know your voice’s pitch and tone. Words must flow smoothly. When you raise your voice, you will convey arrogance. The suspect might be the tone of your voice if other people keep on asking you to repeat what you are saying. Hence, you should change it. Your tone must not be too loud and not too soft either. Audience will pay more attention if the speaker has a pleasant voice and tone. Communication Tip Number 5: It is important that your pace and the one you are talking about’ pace match. Like when you are speaking with a big boss of a company, you can not be so complacent. You can speak in a more relaxed tone and manner if you are just speaking with your friend at home, for instance. Communication Tip Number 6: The ‘give and take’ policy must be observed. Know when to change from being a speaker to being a listener. If you monopolize all the talking, it would not be a good conversation. However, learn also to speak, share your thoughts and idea so the speaker will not feel like you are just there contributing nothing to the conversation. Communication Tip Number 7: Convey your empathy. If you understand and empathize with the feelings of your audience, a conversation would go well.