Tips to End Food Addiction

The tips to end food addiction described below have worked for me as well as for the clients I personally coach. Try to use as many of these as you can throughout the day and you will be surprised to find that your ability to end food addiction is not nearly as daunting as you think!

The first tip to help end food addiction is to stop searching for the reason why you binge eat and feel like a slave to food. I know this is contrary to what most people think, but having lost 60 lbs. myself after 45 years of struggling and then finally figuring out how to stop binge eating, I have found that the best thing to do to end food addiction is to stop wasting time trying to get to the root of the problem and instead, take action steps each day that will get the job done. The reason I feel so strongly about this is because for the 45 years I was unable to figure out how to stop binge eating, I always knew that the reason I had binge eating disorder came from getting mixed messages about food and weight from my mom. So what? There, I said it, I knew exactly without any hesitation why I had this problem and knowing it never got me any closer to be able to end my food addiction.

Life as a binge eater only changed for me when I changed my focus and my actions. I began doing little things each day to live life as the opposite of a binge eater. I knew that in order to end food addiction, I had to put an end to the same things I had been doing over that 45 year period and one of them was to get busy doing some work and stop dwelling on blaming and being mad at my mom.

Another really important tip to end food addiction is what I call “encapsulate the day.” When we try to figure out how to stop binge eating, we often think about way too many variables. We think about how and when we will get to a certain weight or how we will look at an upcoming event. And we also play old tapes in our heads about things we promise ourselves we must stop doing to end food addiction. The process becomes overwhelming and it invariably leads to failure.

What I do and coach my clients to do if they truly want to learn how to stop binge eating is just keep their mind focused on the day at hand. Think of how you want to feel that night getting into bed. If you are counting calories or points ask yourself how many you have left for the day, what you are in the mood to eat, how much of it will leave you satisfied, what new recipe might appeal to you for dinner that night, etc. To end food addiction, put an end to all the old “stuff.” The behaviors and thoughts you have experienced time and time again have obviously never let you figure out how to stop binge eating and end food addiction.